Monday, 27 July 2015

Common Dryer Problems and Solutions

After your laundry is done washing and you discover that your dryer is not working properly, it can be quite irritating and frustrating. Sometimes, the problem that is effecting your dryer could be small, other times it is a problem so bad that you have to replace your dryer. If you don't want to replace your dryer, give us a call for any of your dryer repair needs.

You Turn Your Dryer On But Nothing Happens

So, you turned on you dryer and nothing happened, this is common problem number one. Why is this happening? The first step is to make sure the outlet is working, so plug something else into it and see if there is power. If the power is there, check the thermal fuse, thermostats, start switch and door switch to make sure they are all in working order.

Dryer Turns On But There Is No Heat

dryer Problem number two, no heat. If there is no heat in your dryer, make sure there is nothing in front of it since air flow is the main ingredient to making heat in the dryer. If that isn't the problem, check the heating element, burner operation, thermal fuse, power cord and ignitor.

Dryer Isn't Tumbling

Problem number three, the dryer is not tumbling. If your dryer drum is not moving, this could mean that there is a belt that is broken or slipping, the motor is seized or parts are just worn out. If the belt is broken, it isn't going to move the drum. All you need to do is replace the belt, check the idler pulley and your drum will work like new.

Noisy Dryer

The fourth pesky problem is a noisy dryer. You put your clothes in and you notice that your dryer is making more noise than usual, there are several things that can be causing this. Make sure nothing is lose inside the drum, remove the lint trap and look in the holder for anything that may have slipped through the cracks. If the blower wheel is clogged with lint or worn out, just clean out the lint or replace it if it is worn out.

Clothing Always Comes Out Wrinkled

iron-201474_640 The final issue that is very common is the matter of wrinkled clothing. This is a simple fix because the biggest cause is leaving the clothes in the dryer after they are done. Wrinkled clothing could also be from improper sorting, no fabric softener, too many or too few items and many other small things that are easily adjusted. Dryer issues are common, as stated above. Sometimes it is an easy fix, sometimes it isn't. One of the simplest ways to dry your clothing is to hang them outside if you can. This saves money and electricity. If you like your dryer, call us to help you through fixing it. More than likely we can fix it for you and you do not have to buy a whole new dryer.

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