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Common Washer Problems and Solutions

Whether your washer is new or old, eventually you are going to have an issue with it whether is it not draining properly, won't spin, constant error codes or maybe your lid won't lock like it is suppose to. The natural thing to do is to give your local washer repair company a call. If you look online, you will probably find lists that show you what the symptoms your washer is having and what the problem could be. Once you figure out the problem, you can move on to the solution. The solution could be as small as unplugging and plugging in your washer or as big as having to replace it because there just is no possible cheap fix. Either way, we can help you find the solution. electronic-619841_640 So, what is going on with that pesky washing machine? There seem to be five very common washing machine problems that you may run into.

Won't Turn On

So, problem one, your washing machine just plain and simply is not working, it does nothing when being turned on. So, what should you do? In this case, make sure there is power going to the washer. Check the circuit breaker, lid switch, or fuse box. If the lid is up even slightly, the washing machine will not spin for safety reasons. Also, check the timer knob, if the knob doesn't exactly line up it is not going to fill up properly. Advance the timer slightly and pull the knob out and test the washing machine again.

Won't Spin

The next issue is that your washer may not be spinning and/or agitating. In this case, make sure the lid is closed. As stated above, it will not work if it is not closed. If you are hearing a humming sound, chances are there is something stuck in the drain pump. If there is weak or no agitation, you may have stripped splines that connect to the agitator and these need to be replaced.

Washer Won't Drain

Next problem, your washer will not drain. Check your drain hose for kinks and check lint filters. If that is not the issue, check the drain pump.

Won't Finish It's Cycle

laundry-413688_640 Problem number four, the washer will not finish a cycle. This could be caused by a faulty timer. It may have completely gone bad or stalled. Check the inside of the control panel for corrosion or scorching.

Washing Machine is Leaking

Finally, problem five, the washing machine is leaking. If you only notice a leak during the spin cycle, you probably have a leaky drain hose or your washer is over sudsing. You could also have a tub leak caused by rot, a pump leak, hoe in the hose or buildup of mineral deposits in the water-inlet valve. These are some of the most common problems a washing machine can have. If you have any of these issues, give us a call and we'll be happy to help you out.

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