Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Washer Timer Repair

You just came back from vacation and you have all of your clothes to wash, so you throw them in the washer and turn it on. You keep going in to check it because you have not heard the buzzer go off yet saying your laundry is done washing. You look at the timer and see that it is still stuck on 27 minutes, your laundry is now stuck in washing limbo. So, how do you go about repairing the washing machine so you can get your clothes back? You should first start off by making sure it is the timer that is giving you troubles. If it is, it is a relatively easy fix that can be done in 30-60 minutes.

What Does The Timer Do?

wash-268090_640 The timer is the device that controls the functions of the washer. The device responsible for the series of various electrical contacts is called the cam assembly, which is run by a timer motor. A sign that the timer or timer motor may be bad is if the timer is not advancing.

Common Problems

If the washing machine only works on some of its cycles, that could be another cause of a bad timer. To check this, check the continuity and rule out any breaks in the wiring harness. Another problem of a faulty timer is that certain functions of all cycles are not working. On every setting, if the spin cycle does not work, this is another sign of a bad timer. If you want to test the timer contacts, you can buy a multi-meter, but you are going to have to acquire the electrical schematic to make sure you are checking the proper terminals. Before running the test, make sure you cut off all power to the washer to avoid injury or further damaging the washing machine.

Fixing The Timer

washing-drum-438358_640   Here is the fun part, fixing the timer. Washing machines these days are designed to be taken apart and repaired by almost anyone. In order to do this, you are going to need some special tools that most people will not have just laying around the house. If you need to purchase these tools, they are not going to be very cost effective. Also, rebuilding the timer may be time consuming and aggravating to someone who may be inexperienced. Give your local washer repair company a call. Instead of rebuilding the timer, you may just want to replace the timer assembly. A simple search on the internet with the make and model of your washer will show you what part you need and how to acquire it or we can help you out. The proper part will be shipped to your home and you will be on your way to fixing your washing machine. If you are unable to fix it yourself, contact Appliance Repair Pros and request a service call. New washing machines are not cheap, which is why more people are opting to fix them rather than just replace them.

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